Brown Falcon

by Zac Brown

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At one point back in NYC Phil, Jim and myself were struggling to name our little project. Before becoming ocho we were The Zac Brown Triage, thankfully briefly the Zac Brown Band, (!) and also Brown Falcon. The Brown Falcon moniker stuck around for a while. It was a time, around 06 or 07 when the "the" band names were going our of flavor in the indie rock world and predatory animal names were really coming to the fore. The most popular of which being "wolf+whatever" So I was feeling pretty good about the Brown Falcon thing. Good tidings. So then I'm hanging out at Pianos or some such Lower Manhattan breeding ground, before or after mine or someone else's show. And I'm talking to this slick cat with greasy hair and a leather members only jacket covering what is basically a shipwrecked french pirate look and so of course he's like "what's the name of your band man?" And I'm like "Brown Falcon, dude" And greasy Francois is like "NO WAY! I'm in a band called Black Falcon" Now, in retrospect we should have played a show together or maybe formed a massive Falcon conglomerate to take on the Wolf kids, but instead, right then in my head I was all "fuck this falcon thing man, I've got some t-shirts left over from my solo album that was called "ocho" and they have a skull and cross in red on black that's pretty fucking rockin' so enough of this predatory animal bs. We are now OCHO." And so it has been ocho, through several years and members since that fateful conversation. And I'm still waiting for the "indie bands with no real Hispanic cultural connection using Spanish language names" trend to start.


released November 11, 2011

Jim Woodbury, Phil Cuykendall, Zac Brown, Kris Stout



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Track Name: Brown Falcon - Mockingbird
There are rumors I have heard
about a jealous mockingbird
that swims among man of war in coral reefs

He left the life of skies and trees
to drown one morning in the sea
and cross narcissus' mirror into dream

Mirrors fall and hinges break
the island stands he sharpest seas
The waves are washing your bare feet
You're taken safely to the sky

He joined a school of flying fish
and taught flights of great distances
until his pupils flopped upon the island beach

They died in sun upon the land
gills encrusted with white sand
the mockingbird dined on all the flies he could eat
Track Name: Zac Brown - Brown Falcon - Tornadoes
There's Ice Cream. Go grab some.
It tastes how it used to taste.
Your bedside table alarm clock
will tell me when you're awake

This party, we made it.
I think it's time to go home.
Mirrorballs have no more feeling,
than there's comfort in running away

You can go back.

Your mother, she misses you dearly.
She stares out her window and waits
for thunder to open the skyline,
and wash her winter away.

Tornadoes spin like teenagers
in springtime when questions fade,
like sunburns from wedding days.

You can go back.
Track Name: Zac Brown - Brown Falcon - Hey, what's wrong with you?
Don't you want to party?
Could you go?
Do you even really want to party?
Will you go?

Hey, what's wrong with you?
Lately I see right through you.

If it's alright with you.
It's alright with me.
If it's alright with her
It's all I see.

Could you party?
Would you go?
Do you even want to party?
Could ya?

I'm half awake today.
Driving down a straight highway.
Fields at noon on a clear Sunday, I say
"I go and go, I can't go away"
Track Name: Long Way LA
i will lay you down
i will lay me down